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Le Docteur « Il Dottore Balanzone » en italien, est un personnage type de la commedia dell'arte.Il est, avec Pantalon et Cassandre, l’un des vieillards de la troupe.Il vient traditionnellement de Bologne.. Caractère du personnage.

The Dottore’s professional affiliation was imprecise. Lazzi: The Comic Routines of the Commedia dell'Arte by Mel Gordon. He was at times a legal scholar, ready with advice for any occasion, whose bungled The Commedia dell'Arte by Winifred Smith, New York, 1912.

Performing Arts Journal Publications 1983 Personabooks 1977. IL DOTTORE (The Doctor) DOTTOR BALANZONE (Dottor Baloardo) The name Balanzone seems to be coming from "balle" (lies), and gives well the idea of this mask, which pretends to have a total knowledge, supported by his science, arrogance and ignorance.Born in Bologna, at the time in which the University was well established in the capital of Emilia (second half of 16th century). Fancies himself very well-learned but us in fact a loquacious and pretentious fool. Il Dottore is high in the commedia social hierarchy along with the other old men like Il Capitano and Pantalone. Le Docteur est un personnage prétendu savant, qui du docteur n'a que le nom.

Nevertheless, Il Dottore maintains his high status because he … Il Dottore is a doctor, however it is questionable whether he has ever attended a school. Dover Publications, inc. 1966. Character Research: Il Dottore (DOT-TOR-AY, the Doctor) STATUS: A bachelor or widower from the upper class. Commedia dell'arte: A Scene-Study Book by Bari Rolfe. The Italian Comedy by Pierre Louis Ducharte. Dottore, (Italian: “Doctor”) stock character of the Italian theatrical form known as the commedia dell’arte, who was a loquacious caricature of pedantic learning. By jamminkobiski Commedia dell'arte.

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