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On Marlin-branded Model 60 rifles, the first two digits of the serial number indicate the year of manufacture. That a Smart Phone Can’t Provide. THE CLASSIC AMERICAN LONG GUN. Made in 1995 Blue Book says the Camp .45 was made 1986-1999. it's a 30-30 win cal. You can simply visit the above web site and type in your serial number off of your Winchester firearm and TADA the date is quickly retrieved from their database and displayed on your screen. Similar to the Marlin lookup tool above (and provided by the same website) comes the Winchester lookup tool. Marlin year of manufacture maybe determined from the following list of letter/numeral prefixs to the serial number; this coding only applies to serialized rifles: 1946-C 1947-D 1948-E 1949-F 1950-G 1951-H 1952-J 1953-K 1954-L 1955-M … Model 336C Curly Maple. The guy said there is no chart he could send me but he did say the serial number: MR22xxxC signifies a manufacture date in 2012. Rifles By Passion. I have a Marlin M1895 45-70, the model made in the 60's, and was wondering if there was a way to determine the date of mfg. As in "045xxxxxx"? Visit Winchester Lookup Website.

this gun looks to be a very early gun, and so I was wanting to know. Can you tell me the date of manufacture. Marlin Camp 9, 6 digit serial number, hooded front sight I haven't been able to find anything on this combo, other than you subtract the first 2 digits from 2000 for a year of manufacture.. serial num is 0131XX. Marlin Firearms Manufacturing Dates By Serial Number -> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) Likewise, a serial number starting with 17 would be a rifle manufactured in 1983. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Thanks. Marlin Firearm Collectors Association. I recently purchased a Marlin model 36 AD-L, it is a 30-30 lever action and quite old. serial # 191797** there are no other markings on the rifle Also reading these posts, there are no markings on, near, around, or underneath the lever Marlin Model 60 Serial Numbers. Warranty Registration. There is no letters in the serial number. I got an email back from Marlin about my 336 manufacturing date. Made in the 60's the serial number may start with a letter. Serial number is 13,880. that along with the {JM} are marked on the left side of the barrel. My guess is that it was manufactured in February 2012. hombre243, Jul 6, 2015. hombre243, Jul 6, 2015. If it does yours is from 1996. Passion: Predator. BarkeyVA Member. FFL including Arizona residents, $30.00 for … Passion: Recreational Shooting. Passion: Varmint. Rebates & Promotions. marlin factory records (Regular factory letter fee) Lever action Marlin models with factory records: 1881 1889 1893 1895 1888 1892 1894 1897 All lever action models are found in one serial number range from 4096 to 355419 A small number of earlier serial numbers are available including: 286, 673, 1069, 1542, 1774, 1893, 1912, 2020, 2453, 2475, Still One of the Great Connections. Does your serial number start with a zero? Model 1895 Dark Series.

it's a marlin glenfield mod.

My Marlin Camp Carbine .45 serial number starts with "05". If it does just give the letter and someone can give it to you. 30A. The 18 is significant, for subtracting it from 2000 gives the date of manufacture for the rifle, 1982. via the serial number. No other information was given. Last MSRP WAS $443.00 High visibility orange front sight post with cutaway hood was added in 1989 My serial number is behind the hammer right where the stock joins the gun.

An excellent original Marlin Camp 9, serial number 10888046 made in 1990, these rifles were made from 1985-1999, all original, excellent bore and the buffer has been up graded, original magazine, with a Weaver 4x with cross hair, a great plinking rifle.

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