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Gods And Goddesses Correspondances (Just my own personal note.. there are many deities listed here - if there are ones you haven't heard of and know nothing about, please do not use them!

Venereal plants tend to have large, lush flowers and its scents are sweet and strong. Neith: Athena is the Greek equivalent as they are both goddesses of wisdom, battle and weaving.

Isis is lunar, a goddess of marriage, the sea and UPG, a compassionate all-mother.

Animal Correspondences, Sacred Wicca. Her siblings included Isis, Osiris and Set. So, most sources on her worship pull from her various myths and connections. Ant - Industry, community, craftsmanship. ... BRAZIL+NUT Masculine, planet is Mercury, element is Air, power of Love. The symbols associated with the Goddess Isis are as myriad as the names that the Goddess is known by.

In her role of Moon Goddess, she guards livestock, crops, and cattle, and is known as a Love Goddess. If a certain deity takes your fancy then learn about them before you have any involvement with them) In her role as Sun Goddess… A bat is a symbol of rebirth, every evening it emerges from the womb of the earth to live again in the night sky.

Nut: Nut is the equivalent of the Greek god Ouranos, who like Nut, is forced to …

Element: Her main element is wind/air, which also denotes the element of spirit. Ma'at (sometimes portrayed as a Goddess) is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Themis.

She is the source of the customs of "Easter Eggs" and the "Easter Bunny".The name Eostre is said to be related to the word east, which many believe makes her a dawn goddess. Messenger from the Underworld or your subconscious. Fire, is secondary as Lilith represents desire and determination, even in the face of adversity.

This Goddess was also known as Nebethet and Nebkhat. June 9, 2010 By Coven of the Goddess Blog Correspondences, Magick, Tools 0 Comments Read more... Herb Lore and Magick Coven of the Goddess 2017-12-18T15:33:15-08:00 Choose Venus plants when you are making philtres or conducting rituals related to love magic (and also sometimes money).

Bat - Intuition, illusion, rebirth, inner depth, communication, dreaming, viewing past lives. Please make sure you are not allergic to nuts, seeds or particular foods. A Teutonic lunar Goddess, Eostres chief symbols were the rabbit (she was often seen in this form at the full moon), and the egg (representing the cosmic egg of creation). Áine of Knockainy, Ain Cliach, Ain of the Light, Áine N'Chliar, Ain Cliar the Bright Áine (On-ya) is an Irish Goddess of summer, love, fertility, wealth and sovereignty. Origins and Genealogy: Seb and Nut were her parents of. This planetary influence is helpful in combatting martial spells (like attack magic); because it is unexpected, it can work better than a Mars response. Badger - Tenacity & courage. Geb is seen reclining on one elbow while an arm rests on an upward, bent knee.

A common image of Geb shows the god of earth splayed underneath his wife – Nut, the goddess of the sky – and his father – Shu, god of the air.

Aset is solar, a goddess of the dead, a trickster, and UPG, formal and demanding.

The Corn Mother is a Goddess that has been worshipped through time by …

This Goddess was worshipped by nursing mothers as she was considered to be the nursing mother of Horus and the Pharaoh himself. If you are looking for Aset or Kemetic stuff, there aren't any correspondences per se, but many people find She likes blue (royal blue) or white.

(1899) There, Leland connects her to the Italian witch goddess Aradia. An archetype of the Divine feminine, Goddess Isis has thousands of symbols used both in magickal practices as magickal correspondences, and in Her worship.

Correspondences. Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Correspondances.

The image represents the earth’s intimate relationship with both the sky and air.

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